Sunday, January 25, 2015


One has to wonder with all the diet and weight loss craziness floating around the internet... is anyone really buying into it? So many ads on the side of every webpage, so many "secret" ways to lose weight.


If you stop eating this one food (never mind if you weren't eating it before), the pounds will magically fall off! If you eat this bizarre fruit that looks like it was photoshopped into existence, you will look like a supermodel! Or, if you take the exercise route, in just five minutes a day you can lose 20 pounds in two weeks!

Why isn't everyone 110 pounds by now? It's obviously as easy as shelling out a hundred bucks a month!
I think it's pretty terrible that we are bombarded by all of these products whether we want to actually lose weight or not. Body image is a serious issue in today's society, and most of us are pretty conscious of ours, but not everyone wants a weight loss miracle. And how does a person who HAD a healthy body image feel when they are reinforced day after day that they do need to lose weight? Fact: the women in these advertisements don't even look like these pictures.
The thing is, a lot of these methods teach people to ignore the way their bodies feel, and that leads to further weight problems. If a person denies their body something it needs, eventually everything will bounce back.
I've lived in Europe before and in many places people are naturally thin, and surprise, it isn't because they know some secret that they are hiding from everyone in America. They just eat real food instead of our processed junk, they don't snack all day, and they do a lot more walking than we do here. Where are the ads from Where are the ads for sales on local produce? When it comes to health, there is no magic to it. All of these one-trick solutions are lies. And as long as these advertisements keep insisting there is, our health problems here are unlikely to improve.

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